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Default Re: The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Thread..

Originally Posted by OhioMike View Post
Jay Leno is done, I believe. I don't care either way, but I don't see him easily coming back like before. I was a junior in high school in 93'/94' and I felt bad for Nancy Kerrigan - all that work to make it and all. Class act. Better than that trailer-trash Tonya Harding who felt threatened and entitled. For some reason, The Long Island Loita Story comes to mind. Remember that? The affair where the husband and his hooker conspired to kill his wife and they failed? Also, summer of 94' was OJ's infamous Bronco ride!
How could I forget the Loita affair. At least Al Cowlings took a Ford, L.O.L. Yeah Jay Leno teared up alot and alot of pretty famous people showed up to say good bye. Oprah, Carol Burnette and a few others. They also did a spoof on the presidents. The best one was when Bill Clinton put his hand over Obama's mouth. That was hilarious. At the end of the show he couldn't fight the tears anymore. He won't be back this time because they asked him to step down. They didn't ask him the last time. Tonya Harding knew about everything that went down. Her exhusband put the whole thing together. The only thing that Tonya really did was try to help cover it up (so she says). Even if that didn't happen, you would've gotten the same results. Of course Nancy Kerrigan isn't exactly a saint either. It wasn't long afterwards that a rude remark she made about doing a commercial for Disney World got out and they went to someone else for the commercial. Nancy Kerrigan lost alot of money after that.
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