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Old 09-20-2013, 07:34 PM
black 06 ranger black 06 ranger is offline
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Default Re: Hesitation when I accelerate

Originally Posted by eloped View Post
fuel filter located and replaced it. it was plugged bad. IT HAS an bad idle though that goes up and down by 850 to 1300, whats the deal
Clean the IAC.
2006 Ranger. 2.3l 5 speed
Air box mod and throttle cable mod.
Tri-fold tonneau cover. VHT taillights. Tinted corner lights.
fog headlights.
LED driving lights, dome, 3rd breaklight, LED tailgate light bar and LED foot wells. LED tails.
4.10 stock gears[/COLOR]

My Build:
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Old 12-16-2014, 07:55 PM
whatsyurprob whatsyurprob is offline
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Default Re: Hesitation when I accelerate

Originally Posted by black 06 ranger View Post
Clean the IAC.
What's the IAC?

Sorry, but i'm not a mechanic. I also apologize to anyone who might be offended for me commenting on such an old topic, but I too have a problem similar to what's happening in this thread. My 87 2.9 automatic 4x4 loses power as you go down the street. It then picks back up. Jockeying the peddle has no effect. Sometimes when it starts to lose power, if I give it more gas it will actually lurch forward and the noise from all the torque strains the driveline with an ugly thud, if ya'll know what I mean. It will also be idling rough when I come to a stop. Understand, this is intermittent starting 3 days ago and has gotten so bad that I don't drive it now. I mean, I can go out and start it up, let it warm and start driving. A person can feel it start acting up, getting worse as you go down the highway. Then, if it wants too, no more problem. Runs fine for however long it wants and then, WHAM, the loosing power, sluggish performance starts again. No backfire. Sucks gas also. I have a OBD-1 reader. I was just wondering what I might expect changing. I really do believe it's something electronic. I changed the electronic box component that has something to do with the EGR valve about 8 months ago. I also took off the EGR valve itself and cleaned it with some carb cleaner at the same time. The valve seemed to work properly, and the truck got what I call EXCELLENT gas mileage after I was done. Now however, like I said, mileage sucks again. I've never done anything to the intake on it besides change the air filter back in February. Anyway, this is my only vehicle so if anyone can give me a pointer or two, I'd appreciate it.

Thank You all for what you do here. Beer for all when the prob is rectified.
1987 Ford Ranger 2.9 4x4 AT, AC

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Old 05-13-2015, 05:05 AM
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To all with the hesitation when acceleration problem. Had it. 88 ranger 2.9 5 speed 4x4. Spent a lot of $ trying to figure it out. Mine was the O2 sensor. It didnt throw any codes or cel. I simply unplugged it one day on a final desperate attempt & drove it a few miles. Boom. Replaced it after a long battle! The O2 sensor also checked out ok too. So a good way to check it is to unplug & drive it. If that's the prob it'll show when u drive it. Hope this helps.
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