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Old 01-02-2017, 06:45 PM
ThunderedRod ThunderedRod is offline
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Default 86 2.9 running inconsitantly

Hey guys!

I've read all sorts of threads with similar problems to mine but I haven't came up with anything yet. Your help would be great. I'm about to give up on this thing and find a newer ride..

Its a 86 2.9 4x4 with 130,000 miles. I'm the second owner my uncle was the first. I've done all sorts of work to this truck to keep it running and quite honestly it has never ran correctly in my opinion. Anyways this is what happened and what it is doing now.

I was driving it to work one morning and all the lights, headlights and dash lights, got bright and the battery light came on. I kept driving and the truck cut out and stalled. Electronics still worked however, it would just crank with a no start. I assume that is when the alternator completely cooked itself...

I got a new battery and a new alternator and installed both. Truck still didn't start. It didn't seem to have any spark but the fuel pump still ran on key up. I found a website called easy diagnostics and followed the instructions to test the ignition system. I tested the coil, TFI and voltage signal from the PIP. It seemed that the TFI was bad but looking back I think I did not complete the test correctly because when I installed the new TFI the truck still had no Spark. So I continued to test the system to see if I could find the problem using a LED test light that easy diagnostics had me make to check for low voltage signals. I was testing for the PIP signal once again and I could hear spark arching to something under the hood. At that point I had the plug wire that connects the coil to the distributor off and it sounded like the peg on the coil was arching to something as I cranked the truck. So I reconnected the plug wire from the distributor to the coil and the truck fired up. It runs!!

But I had a few issues before the alternator problem and I am starting to think the high voltage from the alternator took out a weak sensor or maybe even the computer.

I disconnected the EGR valve quite sometime ago and unplugged everything that controlled it and plugged up the vacumm lines. It didnt run noticeably different after I did that about a year ago.

The truck has always had a hard starting condition when warm. ALWAYS takes about 5 seconds with throttle to get it to fire up.

Recently when warm it has started to high idle. At about 1,200 rpms.

And recently it is hesitating really bad when cold. It will go away if you floor it and it runs pretty at 3/4 to full throttle when cold. But when it gets warm again it losses a lot of power.

I replaced the TFI and just put in a new Fuel pressure regulator. After I installed the FPR it is running worse then before.

It has no codes and I cant get my code reader to work. The code reader has worked in the past, before the alternator over charge.

I think maybe the alternator over charge took out my ECU??
Is that why I cant hook my reader to the ECU and pull codes?

Another thing I just noticed tonight when working on it was that the Throttle position sensor has a bunch or oily residue on it. I took off the intake hose at the throttle body and there was a noticeable amount of oil in it.

Im wondering if the oil from the intake has entered the TPS and is causing it to fail.

Any ideas??
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Old 01-03-2017, 04:16 PM
ThunderedRod ThunderedRod is offline
Learning to use the forums
Join Date: Jan 2017
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Default Re: 86 2.9 running inconsitantly

Let it sit over night last night with a unhooked battery negative cable. Seemed to run better today. Ordered a new TPS and had a new coolant sensor on the shelf so I'm gonna put it in tonight see what happens.
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