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All you are cleaning inside the door is the crud that builds up in the doors, if you don't do much or any wheeling, chances are very good that you don't have much if anything in the doors, so it would probably be a waste of time. I used to live down a dirt road that was really dusty in the summer time, that was when I had the problem with the dome light sensor, all it takes is to open the door and spray WD-40 into the lock mechanism and open and close the door a couple of times. The whole process takes maybe five minutes the first time, and however long it takes to spray WD each time there after.
I will post a picture of where to spray if anybody needs it.
As a warning, don't go fumbling around inside doors that have electric windows/door locks, the wiring is good and the plugs are difficult to get apart, but you could stop something from working correctly.

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