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Originally Posted by mritchie1977 View Post
Does anyone have any insight on what makes a high-mileage oil well, high mileage?

I work at a Sears Auto Center and along with conventional Valvolene we also sell Valvolene MaxLife High Mileage alongside our Synpower Full Synthetic. My Ranger is clocking at 119k and my next oil change I'd like to switch over to synthetic but I'm also considering the High-Mileage.

Maybe it's just me but I've even asked the higher up techs here what's so special about the High mileage and they've got no idea either...they just put it in if the customer buys it. I guess I'm weird that way but if I'm paying more I'd like to know exactly why it's going to perform better.

Rant over, anyone have any ideas?
More cleaning agents, anti wear additives etc
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