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Default Re: 16 inch by 7 stock wheels

Originally Posted by Tantrum View Post

like he said i'll be going with the duratrac tires. However, still debating on 265 or 285. I think the 285 might be overkill. wouldn't it look wierd on a rim thats only 7 inches wide?
Oh also, I will not be doing any fender cutting because I don't wanna loose the foglights so I'm keeping that into consideration.
ok one u will not need to trim fenders two 285 will work a lot of members have them they look aggressive and great choice on the tire those duratracs are amazing in snow and offroad
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My D-max - will pull the Cummin' Stroke it all night long!
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Nooo Demon does badd things to me when no one looks!!!
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Don't worry I next time I will just buy bolt ons so I can be just like you. Then I can drive around with unpainted fender flares and have a real prerunner
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