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Originally Posted by BeauJCope View Post
Lol. Why's your junkyard guy an ass hole?
I went there looking for a hitch this summer. Told him what I was looking for and he said yeah there should be a few out there. Great I said and proceed to walk into the yard where the rangers are. When he yelled at me and said nobody is allowed in the yard. I said okay why? He said he doesn't let ANYONE in there. (which was TOTAL BULLSHIT I went looking all over there with my dad a year ago and even bought seats for my old ranger there for $40.) I told him how I already had been in the yard and spent money there said he could have just told me that he didn't let anyone under 18 in the yard. I even told him I already bought stuff from there then he just had a stupid look on his face so I turned my back to him and left his shithole. What kind of pick and pull doesn't let you pick and pull.
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