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Default Re: Pre Plan PNW Dunes

Originally Posted by richarddhoward View Post
Lol do it, don't forget your tree!

Lol you need a ride you let me know man, I'll get you set up if I don't have a passenger
Sounds good. We'll see what happens. You guys coming from the north drive almost right by my school to get to florence, so should be an easy swing-by. I'll just have to make sure I get the radio/ camping stuff down to school before the dunes haha. I have a big tent, but need a small backpack tent haha
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and as for boobs, as long as the cant hold up a book with sag, pointed in the right direction and not peperoni or canadian bacon nips were good to go!
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ok...i'll just come out and say it... you got's an auto. That alone revokes your right to brag about being part of the elite Level II's! Take that!
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Oh come on....every girl likes pink....even Demon
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