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Default Re: Show Your System

Originally Posted by GLH View Post
Kinda violating the forum rules trying to sale.
Not trying to violate anything. If you guys don't want us here, just say so and I will delete the profile. Yes… I do really work at MTX Audio. I am involved in a lot of forums and I don't ram our products down anyone's throat. If we have something that could be a solution for you, I will let you know. If we don't, I will try to recommend another brand.

This is not a sales effort. I used to be in sales and I hated it. I just like to talk about car audio, aftermarket electronics, etc… and if it happens to lead to talking about a product, I will offer some products that leave it up to you to decide if it's something you would want. If not, no big deal. Just trying to help people who enjoy car audio.

(Don't kid yourself that there are people form car audio manufacturers, wheel manufacturers, tire manufacturers, etc… in these forums that aren't telling you who they really are. They use random profile names and then talk about one particular brand all the time and how it is the best ever…)

Just let me know… I can be gone as quickly as we signed up...
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