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Default Re: 3rd Annual Blue Lake Meet - PICTURES

ok...i'll just come out and say it... you got's an auto. That alone revokes your right to brag about being part of the elite Level II's! Take that! lololol.

Trevor's '01(with Fx4 decals) is appropriately nicknamed the FxEdgeploder4LII or some jumbled up BS like that. lol. I'm formerly Fx4 twin sticked, he's currently Fx4 twinsticked. Therefore, we're more Fx4 than even you! lol. clear it up some, I'm just totally pullin' your leg and givin' you a hard time. Aaand for the record, when the phrase "level II" is brought up, '02 Fx4 Off Roads are included in the fix by default. lol.
'01 XLT disguised as a '03 Fx4 Level II.
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