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Originally Posted by nephewhelper View Post
Update: Pulled the old tstat and found the gasket dislodged and stuck further up the housing. The Ford dealer said that they have a patent on the design and no after market part will fit the same as theirs. Unfortunately they didn't have any in stock so I had to try another one from a different parts place. This one had sticky tape that adheres to the tstat housing and no jiggle valve.

I did get the temp gauge to work by replacing the sensor, but couldn't get proper heat to the cab. It's either got air in the system or the tstat is stuck open. My nephew had to leave so I'm not sure yet. I'm going to try and burp it some more tomorrow. When the engine is revved, the heat blows warmer, but never gets hot. When I squeeze on the top hose, the temp gauge fluctuates.

Both sensors are right next to each other on the tstat housing, Thanks for helping me confirm it's a 2.5.
Stant is the next best option. also next time if you don't have a jiggle valve drill a small hole in its place.
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