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Originally Posted by nephewhelper View Post
I don't have the part number, My nephew bought it at NAPA and threw out the box. I THOUGHT it was a 2.5, but he keeps telling me it's a 2.3. Thanks.

Mike in BAMA
Yea, I read that in a couple of places. Would a loose fitting thermo make the sensor totally crap out? It doesn't move at all, acts like its disconnected.
The 2.5 is the same engine as the 2.3 just with a better head and I think a longer stroke.

the tstat would not make the sensor fail........I will tell you that if your coolant is low the sensors will not be submerged and when you raise the rpm/waterpump the coolant will flush over the sensor and they will "change" the reading.....put your scanner on it and see if the ECT is working......

the tstat needs to sit tight in the housing...I think it even twists in slightly......and as stated you want a this point if your coolant is full and burped I would go get a new stat......put the jiggle valve at 12:00.........get all the air out and you should be all set.......a lot of people cover the radiator in the winter......these engines run cool ....

I think it has been cold in TN..the tstat might be so loose that coolant is running right to the rad and never heating up ......this could be keeping the gauge in the cold area....

make sure he has a 1998 and not and a 1997 that has the 2.3
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