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Default Re: Black friday deals 2013

Originally Posted by OhioMike View Post
Yeah, I found out a couple years ago that Pioneer does make stereos, and I'f I'm not mistaken, mostly for Ford. Maybe that is why when the radio display went on the wife's 07' Edge, Ford wanted $600 for a new radio. No thank you.
I don't know about her stereo, but in a general sense plenty of stereo/EATC/climate control displays and many other modules (RKE for example) are easily fixed by floating out some solder joints. The trick is to know which ones, but thanks to the interwebz, a lot of those "secrets" aren't a secret anymore. BTW, flatscreens are fair game for this too, between marginally sized components (fuses and capacitors) along with a solder process known as the "wave process" and then RoHS, meaning lead free solder that doesn't float, they are vulnerable to early deaths but with easy fixes. Like the plasma I have located in my living room, or the LCD in my rec room, those were easy fixes. I'm in that 42" LG LCD TV for a grand total of $7.69; it works just great.
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