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Default Re: Rangers With Camper Shells/Topper Thread

Originally Posted by youbastard88 View Post
My factory tape player kept acting up so I turned that whole area into a secret compartment for stuff and just put in 2 amps, on for mids and one for bass. Got a headphone to rca adapter and I plug my cell straight into my amps, Pandora kicks FM radio ass. Plus free MP3 downloads so I got all the music I could ever want and NO head unit needed...


I'm a mechanic with dreams to be mobile mechanic, so the casket box is perfect for me though.. lol
Then do it! And be sure to show us how it turns out haha. I like having tons of gear and still have a large open cargo area; sometimes I wish I had one of those utility bodies. I know they make them for ranger lol

Originally Posted by joshyddog View Post
tb that a sweet set up!

Originally Posted by LiveLifeChill View Post
Yeah but my issue with mattress overhang is my homemade tent screen
Well the overhang is maybe an inch or two past the gap for me. Maybe you could mount a board at the bottom edge of the opening to squeeze the mattress. Or just use the cot you already have that fits back there. That'd be the easy option haha
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