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Default Re: Rangers With Camper Shells/Topper Thread

Originally Posted by LiveLifeChill View Post
^ this. And in order to get it paint to match it was extra. Plus it's a cot, and it's awesome.


How long did you listen to the radio? I usually listen to mine 4 hours or so before the voltage drops below 12V.
I've gotten 7 hours of my head unit with the truck in "ON" (no amps or subs tho). The standalone speakers in my cap I leave on while I'm sleeping and I've never had them kill my battery...yet. lol

Originally Posted by youbastard88 View Post
If you had a long box like the casket with reinforced roller slides it could probly come about 3ft past the tailgate, just the trouble of finding the right roller slides... plus I think the casket would be badass to have riding back there with me... lol
Nah I don't have enough tools to necessitate the casket type toolbox, altho they do look slick for a contractor truck or something. I like to leave the center area open for cargo and keep my gear off to the sides

Originally Posted by LiveLifeChill View Post
I have considered an aluminum frame to do just that, but my priorities on the projects always changes. Right now I'm just tweaking what I've already done.


Agreed. I love camping out of the back. I would do an air mattress but I could never find one under 72"
haha I know what you mean .. I've been playing with a bunch of ideas for toolbox mounting, exterior awnings so I can work on the tailgate in the rain, new slide-out alley light mounts (so I can point the lights at a stuck tire while digging it out), and a few other ideas. But in the end I usually just end up spending the time and money to FIX something

I use a standard twin size air mattress and it fits perfectly between the wheel wells and fills front to back nicely. It hangs over the gate just a bit, but if you leave some slack in the mattress it will compress up once you shut the tailgate.
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