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Default Re: Thinking about trading off the Ranger

I have the 2010 Black XLT and I love it . It is tough to keep clean but it does lok nice after a wash and a wax . I paid around 23K , as I got a decent deal on mine . You can go online and pick out comparable prices from other dealers . 23K is a lot of money to begin with but thats what they are asking and getting . 22.800 is the actual price . An F150 stripped was the same price . I almost bought the F150 but the Ranger had more stuff with ther XLT package . Did nto know about the mazda wheels though ...
Siruis satelite
power windows
door locks
stereo - its ok but I have seen better
tilt wheel
4 wheel drive
traction control
anti tilt control

Already had it out on the beach in 4 high and it handled really good for a small truck . flat sand , tires down to about 15 to 18 lbs .

ALL electronic under the hood . I mean just about everything ....

2010 Ford Ranger 4 wheel drive
XLT Power Group package

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