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Default Re: Clean inside the cluster

Originally Posted by robertmcclure View Post
this thread is evidently for all rangers 1995 to 2009:

so basically, you'll need to do all of this, plus remove the clear lens from the actual instrument cluster. it's not that bad of a job. just take your time & be patient. it all comes off & back together rather easily.
This is the 112% accurate answer. And it's the only way to gain access to that part in order to clean it. 93-2012 basically.

93-03 trucks: takes a T15 or 5.5mm(????) to remove the 7 or so screws holding the clear lense to the gauge cluster.

04+ trucks: the clear lense actually just snaps into place with 6 or 7 plastic snaps. Once you have the cluster removed, it'll be pretty clear what needs done.

When cleaning it, be aware of what you're using. The lenses are very easy to scratch or put in swirls....use a terry cloth or microfiber with glass cleaner or interior detailer after blowing the dust out.
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