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Exclamation Is it too late to do a tranny flush?

Hey guys, just purchased my first Ranger (2000 XLT Supercab 3.0 auto) and am loving it! Question is, at 67,500 miles, is it too late to have a tranny flush. I've read numerous reports on here about people waiting too late to have it done and wound up doing more harm than good. From what I understand from the low mileage and Carfax report, the truck was properly maintained for the beginning of its life, with the second owner having it for almost 9 years. I am very finicky about buying used vehicles and want to do a complete fluid change on all drivetrain components including a transmission flush and am weary about harming my new daily driver. I will have it done at either a local tranny shop or dealership depending on price, don't want to risk doing it myself and killing it. Anyone have a flush done around this mileage with good results or should I stick to a basic filter and fluid change? Also, if available, would going back with synthetic fluid have any positive gains, as I will be going with syn in the engine and rear end.
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