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Default Re: Your Gun Pics, Post Em Up!

Originally Posted by bear_claw_91 View Post
For the price and what they are I like mine. Also like 440rnds for $80
I didnt say they were shit. I just stated the obvious. Personally I like my guns to use the same ammo that our military uses. 5.56 and 9mm. A mosin is an odd cartridge and would suck in a SHTF situation unless you had thousands of mosin ammo lol.

Imo the 3 most important calibur in a SHTF is 5.56, 9mm, and 22lr.

5.56 and 9mm for self defense.

22lr for hunting small game.

All very popular.

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Originally Posted by AmericanPride! View Post
I don't recall glock making U.S. military weapons for the last 60+ years. Lol
Neither has FN....colt, beretta, and glock have been standards of OUR military.

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