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Default Re: Gas! Does it matter?

all i know is that years ago we had a ford (95 aerostar) van that started to really run like shit it was missing and hesitating just not running right and we took it in a see what was wrong and the guy said all sorts of crap and gave a really big number for how much it would cost to fix. my uncle works for ford and he ask what gas we use. my mom told him arco and he said that was the problem. because they put ethonol in there gas. he said run chevron through it a couple tanks. so we did and it ran great. i know the samething in my 74 ranchero
i think cars that are pre 2000ish wernt made to run well on the ethonol blend but with all the newer cars they seem to run just fine
i say just run chevron through your car every once in awhile when your feeling rich.
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