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Default Re: Questions and Answers

Bump..i want to bump this to adress a different issue.
TOTM rules state that if a member is nominated he cant be nominated consecutive months and if he wins he wont be elgible for 12 months.

The wording is more towards the member, not the what if a member like me, low2.3, roadkill, and others who have more than one ranger truck??

For instance...low2.3 has a sweet lowered red 2wd truck and a cool 4x4 white truck. So if one month someone nominates his red truck...then it wins, well then his white truck isnt elgibile??

When nominating youre suppose to post a pic of the members truck and why it should be TOTM....
Its truck of the month not member of the month...and when u win...youre not really winning anything, no prize, just bragging rights.

I just want to address this issue becuz there are many of us who have more than 1 ranger...and i can see this being an issue eventually...


Also..i see that low2.3's red lowrider did in fact win TOTM in according to the current rules his white ranger wont be elgible for 12months!
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