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Default Re: BUGGMAN's New Intro... buggman mods on YouTube

Originally Posted by buggman View Post
This man speaks the truth!

I wasted my time dealing with samsung's support!

If you've got troubles with your mobile device, you need to talk to black 06 ranger for sure.

- - - - - - - - - -

Now on a buggman mods YouTube Channel related topic....

Just noticed that I have 36 subscribers with over 400 views

Now I'm not quite up to "keyboard cat", "Tron Guy" or the "chocolate rain" guy, I'm well on my way now.

Have to give a big thanks to all the members on the forums for watching & liking my videos & especially to those who clicked on an ad!!

Don't be afraid to tell your non-Ranger friends too.
I'm going to be doing more videos, how-to's & other nonsense both Ranger and non-Ranger related.
I'm even thinking about doing some product reviews too.

Just got your pm. Happy phone is working like it should! Just happy to give back something to FRF!
2006 Ranger. 2.3l 5 speed
Air box mod and throttle cable mod.
Tri-fold tonneau cover. VHT taillights. Tinted corner lights.
fog headlights.
LED driving lights, dome, 3rd breaklight, LED tailgate light bar and LED foot wells. LED tails.
4.10 stock gears[/COLOR]

My Build:
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