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Default Re: How To: Replace front brakes: Pads, Rotors, wheel bearings

Originally Posted by NewShockerGuy View Post
Which wheel bearings does one get?

I found this:,ca...3L%2BL4%2BDOHC

But it's for a 2001 Ford Ranger XLT rwd 2wd...

I keep seeing inner and out bearings? I'm confused if these are in the actual rotors themselves or are they not?

Just trying to do this properly...


Nigel, look at the photos of your model's brake/rotor parts:

Notice that each rotor has 1 "bearing & race" set on its inner surface, and a 2nd completely separate "bearing & race" set on the outer surface. So you need BOTH (inner and outer) sets for each front wheel. Total needed for 2 front wheels: 2 inner sets and 2 outer sets.

Some rotors might come with races pre-installed, others may not. But the "bearing" means only the part with rollers, and "race" means the smooth tapered ring that the bearing rides upon. The bearing & race are usually sold together, in a set (eg, TIMKEN SET5). It's a good idea to replace both bearing and its race at same time. Typically, when buying a bearing, its matching race is often considered tossed in for free. The race is dirt cheap, and takes 10 seconds to tap into place, and it's gotta be FIRMLY seated into place. The bearing must be slathered and packed in LOTS of special grease. And the seal is a separate item (keeps away dirt, only on inner bearing).
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