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Default Re: How To: Replace front brakes: Pads, Rotors, wheel bearings

Excellent write-up. May I make some suggestions?

- Use brake cleaner (spray) to remove grease or anti-corrosion coating off new rotors.
- Tap your new bearing races into place, to ensure they're properly seated (esp. if new).
- Ordinary C-clamp also works to compress the caliper pistons.
- Squeeze caliper pistons with bleeder screws open. You really don't want that rusty & dirty brake fluid going back into your lines, esp. into ABS or master cylinder. Tip: use a block of wood to hold your brake pedal down, which closes off your MC ports, thus preventing dirty oil from getting back into MC.
- Grease the caliper pins & sliders.
- It's a good idea to replace old brake fluid. See
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