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Default Re: Chassis Saver Project

Originally Posted by gcextreme View Post
I want to do this...but with POR-15....

Once i get my 98 ranger running, my red 99 is going to get parked and stored in my inlaws pole shed. Once there it will slowly get torn apart, and the frame done in POR-15. And If i can find a good deal on a 4door cab, i may do a cab

Also how much of that chasis saver did u go thru? is that a quart or a gallon and how much was it?
I feel your pain with the 2 door extended cab! it was 1 quart and I used a little more than half. I payed $50


Originally Posted by 02RangerFX4 View Post
Damn, I thought the rust on my truck was bad when my frame got painted. How did it get so rusty so quick?
Ex work truck so it wasn't really cared for as much and the salty winters like glenn said.


Originally Posted by BeauJCope View Post
Those redneck car Ramps, been there done that! Haha.

How did you apply the chassis saver? And how much money did it run you?

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Haha yeah whatever works! $50 for the can and I used paintbrushes to apply it
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