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Default Re: Gas! Does it matter?

Originally Posted by Jimbo View Post
Better gas?...probably not. They probably purchase from the same site as Chevron. If they don't pump a lot of gas though what they have in the tanks doesn't get refreshed as often as the the big retailers that are pumping a lot of gas everyday. Also, with todays blended gas with ethanol you need to be careful. When a tanker is dumping gas at the station the rush of gas into the tanks can cause "Phase Separation" causing the ethanol to attract any water in the tank, mix with it, separate from the gasoline and then settle to the bottom. That's where the fuel pick is for the dispensor you are using to fill your vehicle....thus pumping water and ethanol into your gas tank. Some of the big retailers have high tech dispenser filters to immediately swell up and shut off fuel flow in the event water is being pumped (Speedway). After I learned about "Phase Separation" I decided not to fill up when I see a tanker truck on the lot filling the under ground tanks. I also, shy away from ma and pa shops that don't pump a lot of gas. fyi.....I do fuel tank inspections for Milwaukee......learned all that in "skrewl"....LOL
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