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Originally Posted by robertmcclure View Post

yeah, genetics is everything, but i believe in protein 100% for those past their prime haha! it's nutrition, not a supplement.


lol i'm afraid to haha!
It's basically an injection that jersey shore bros take to make it look like they're jacked. Apparently it's addictive too, and this body builder took some and filled his arms so much that it ripped open and he bled out. There was a video of him recording himself using a used and bent needle and literally sucking it out and pooring it in a cup.

Oh, and My dad was a competitive body builder in the 80's, and he still is a little bit of an iron head, but he mostly is into bike riding and other forms of cardio now. He is currently helping me get bigger. I'm pretty lean, 6'1" and 187, I'm trying to get up to 195 before baseball season since its my senior year. Haha
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