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Originally Posted by robertmcclure View Post

you know, i like isopure. some people say it tastes bad, but i love it lol! & if i drink it daily, i feel so much more rested when waking up & before each workout... i can't speak for how much muscle it gains me, but at least my bones feel good haha


oh yeah, pretty much just protein here. i did have a lot of fun taking NO supps & ephedra back in the early 2000s haha! but i get an excellent pump off of just coffee, water, & protien these days lol
I like Isopure a lot. It's got a weird aftertaste and feeling, but it's still good. Which one is your favorite? I like the mango peach and the pineapple orange banana.

ACG3 is a great pre workout. I like it a lot.
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