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Default Re: Anyone into body building?

Originally Posted by IDM View Post
I graduated high school last year in June at 145 lbs, which is lightweight for the Canadian Schoolboy Regatta. After I was done rowing lightweight I could eat whatever I wanted and I began working out, however I could work out upper body because I didn't have to maintain weight. One year later and I hit my bulking goal of 200. I'm starting to slim down now. My goal is 170. I'm 5'10" also.

If any, what supplements are you guys on? I take ACG3 pre workout and then I take Isopure Whey Protein Isolate or the GNC AMP Ripped whey post workout.
you know, i like isopure. some people say it tastes bad, but i love it lol! & if i drink it daily, i feel so much more rested when waking up & before each workout... i can't speak for how much muscle it gains me, but at least my bones feel good haha


Originally Posted by Mudstomper99 View Post
I don't take anything other than protein and noexplode pre workout. however if I soon hit a wall where I can not gain I'll look into again.

Several years ago I took md1t which worked awesome but has been banned from the market.

I'm trying to do this naturally with out pumping my body full of supplements but I'm not totally against them
oh yeah, pretty much just protein here. i did have a lot of fun taking NO supps & ephedra back in the early 2000s haha! but i get an excellent pump off of just coffee, water, & protien these days lol
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