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Question 1997 4cyl 2wd died on the way home from work

i was on the way home from work and my ranger started to sputter like i had dropped a cylinder and then finally quit. i could get it to turn over and it tries to start but sounds like something isnt right.. the code reader pulled a p0301 which is cylinder number 1 misfire. but when the check engine light came on during the original incident it was FLASHING not staying lit up. Ive heard that this could mean more serious things. I tried swapping out the plugs for cylinder #1 and that didnt help (by the way, Im still not sure why the 2.3L 4cyl has 8 plugs, one on each side of the cylinder). so then i tried starting fluid and it will only run on that if it is being constantly sprayed, and even then it doesnt sound like its running right (when I run it on starting fluid, Im getting some bad exhaust coming out, it smells and looks bad).im at a loss, sounds like a fuel issue because it runs on starting fluid, but also the code leads me to believe it might be spark or compression. Ive checked the oil and it DOESNT look creamy or milky. ANY input will help. thanks in advance
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