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Default Re: Do Cops have anything better to do in MD?

Originally Posted by Tom View Post
I'm not sure why you're getting so bent out of shape, you got away with something that is blatantly illegal (and something you knew was illegal and easy to spot) for 3 years.... you should be happy it lasted that long.

Why don't cops pull over cars with the people with purple lights? What's to say they don't? They probably get pulled over every few years or so too....

It's not a big deal. It's obviously illegal, you can be a quarter mile away from your truck and see the law being broken, no one bothered you for 3 years about it.... and now you have to pay what... $20? Not sure why your so upset.

BTW, IMHO, the reason you got pulled over was because it was a Friday night. The cop was probably hoping or suspecting something bigger (EG: DUI, drugs, etc.) and used the headlight violation to pull you over.
I agree with Tom you got away with it and so why complain when it's your fault for doing something illegal.

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