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Default Re: Do Cops have anything better to do in MD?

Ok. I have read alot of posts about cops and forum member getting pulled over. Some Forum members ARE Law me. I have read about window tint, following too close, and yellow lights. First off, like Tom said, you knew the yellow lights were illegal, you skated for 3 years, consider yourself lucky you only got a repair order. Second if you tint your windows to a percentage that you KNOW it's illegal, don't bitch about getting tickets or an order to remove the tint, you knew you were wrong in the beginning! Third, you get a ticket for following too close......again, don't bitch about because if that other driver stopped short, you hit them and the damage is more than what your ticket is. As far as cops having nothing better to do, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! There aren't any laws in this country, in your state, or your town, so go ahead and buy the illegal things, tailgate, speed, and most of all....PLEASE DRIVE DRUNK because I enjoy seeing kids and families getting killed, I enjoy having to speak to a family member telling them their relative dies because someone wanted to drive like an ass and clipped a car, and sent it into oncoming traffic.

P.S. If you're going to bitch about cops, atleast get the grammar right!!!

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