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Default Re: What Tires to Buy?

Originally Posted by SteelDirigible View Post
that's a nice pair of trucks you got there. So those are the same wheels on the Ranger and the SD? different specs obviously but you know what I mean. I plan on doing the same thing at some point, powdercoated factory wheels with winter tires and summer wheel/tire.

what factory wheel did you have?
Thanks. Yes, Both have "Baja Champ" Wheels. Superduty has 20x12, ranger 16x8. I think I changed my mind on powdercoating. Got a price $30 a wheel for sandblasting, plus another $70 a wheel for powdercoating, $100 bucks a wheel is the same price as buying a completely different set of wheels, so Im just gonna run the ol' stockers for winter with a AT tire.

Here is stock wheels:
2004 Ford F-350 "Bigg Pigg Edition" *SOLD*

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