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Default Re: '02 Ranger jittery oil gauge

Well, replacing the oil pressure sending unit *appears* to have solved the problem. FWIW, it I bought the replacement at O'Reilly Auto Parts for about $8.

Replacement wasn't easy as the unit is in a place that is difficult to reach, near the base of the tube for the transmission fluid dipstick, accessed from the passenger's side. The connector at the end of the green/white wire pair has to be unplugged. I used a 21mm deep spark plug socket with a 1/2" drive and one of those universal "knuckle"-type thingies to remove the old unit. Even so, it was very hard to line the new unit up and get it started without cross-threading. There was very little room to get my hand in position. Good luck, it can be done.

BTW, I have no idea why replacing the sending unit appears to have worked for me but clearly didn't for the OP. My gauge got flakey under exactly the same circumstance that he described, tho I can't say I felt the engine running rough at the time. Tapping on the gas did stop the jitteriness, just as he said.

I've had the new unit in place for about 2 months now and I've not had the problem come back. If I notice it occur again I shall let you know.

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