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Unhappy broken shock mounting bolt

So I took the old ranger to crappy tire to get a provincial inspection done. This allows you to properly register a vehicle from a different province. The mechanic said he has never inspected a vehicle that was in worse shape... So I am, once again, memorable and famous! What a hoot!
One of the things that need replacing was the shocks, not one but all. So I was sitting out in the rain today (just another regular day here in wet Vancouver) getting soaked and changing shocks. The back two were a breeze, the front drivers side was OK, but the passenger side was really rusted. I broke the lower mounting bolt right off. (Don't know my own strength I guess)It looks like this bolt is welded right to the frame. Can this be drilled out and another bolt just bolted through the frame? Or does it need to be replaced and welded up again? Has any other brute on this site done this as well?
live from vancouver, Canada it's a 93 xl, with the 3.0, auto, 2wd
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