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As with every year, I'm going to chuckle to myself when the Chiefs fail.
2 years ago was supposed to be the Chiefs fashionable return to the playoffs.
Last year they said it would be nothing but disappointment if they missed them.
What happened? Dead last.

Also not huge on the Saints hype. They are a talented team that came together for a great year, but I just don't see the same sort of energy or teamwork, especially with the Payton suspension. It just seemed to fizzle out, and I don't see them returning to the playoffs yet, the division is tough.

1. Denver (Possibly could have been current champs, why they let a clinched game slip away we'll never know)
2. N.E. (Always contendors in a weak division, although Miami is interesting this year)
3. Indy (Luck will get into his stride this year)
4. Cincy (Solid, well balanced team)

5. Baltimore (They haven't missed the playoffs in the Harbough era, Steelers are ageing and Browns are rebuilding)
6. Houston (Too many other AFC teams rebuilding, although this spot could slip to Titans)

1. S.F.
2. Atlanta
3. New York Giants
4. Green Bay

5. Seattle
6. Bucs

(At work, and too lazy to justify my NFC picks, lol)
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