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Default Re: Your Gun Pics, Post Em Up!

Originally Posted by jbenevides89 View Post
In some states its completley legal to have a loaded firearm in a glove box or center console as long as its a closed compartment. SC sees your vehicle as an extension of your home and you have the right to protect yourself and it. As long as you tell the officer that there is a gun before you go opening shit looking for your registration and it just happens to be there you wont have any problems. Either way, my CWP is being processed now too because a loaded gun in my glove box does me no good when im inside a store.
Yup. Even in the states that don't require notification, it's a good idea. I got pulled over the other day while I had about 8 guns in the truck. He seemed to appreciate me letting him know I had them, and he let me off with a warning.
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