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Default Re: ScanGauge, who has them?

Originally Posted by Jp7 View Post
The laptop will log faster than your eye can ever read, and you can record more than you could see. Not to mention you can compare graphs in excel or other software. Great for comparing ignition timing vs wheel torque to determine if an alcohol tune is actually advanced beyond maximum brake torque. I get AEM software for free... considering I am an AEM licensed tuner for all of their aftermarket engine management hardware and software. You can also pin extra sensors that don't come on the stock engine management into the factory engine management to log them as well... for example afr.. knock... ect..
im not saying thats not cool and all but to 99% of us on here thats pretty useless. I suppose if i wanted to monitor graphs and such i could always use the data logging feature with my X-Cal2, i have done that once before but only to log files and send them to the guy that wrote my tune files to do some fine tweaking. so the scangauge may be a waste of money to you but to most of us, its a small price to pay to be able to monitor important things like trans temps, engine temps and other things we cant watch from the cluster gauges.
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