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Default Re: RC Cars?

I grew up on R/C cars.

Here they are in Chronological order. I had a bunch of shitty cars I won't mention.

Futaba FX 10
This was my first car. Had to be around 1988-90.
(not my pics)

Next was the Team Associated RC10

After that I got into trucks and picked up a Tamiya Blackfoot

Got tired of 2wd and got a twin motor Tamiya Twin Detonator

Picked up an HPI Micro RS4 AWD. This thing hauled ass, especially if you made it RWD

Then, I wanted to give Nitro trucks a try, so I picked up a Traxxas Revo. Holy shit, what a difference. The Revo kicked ass.

I got a cheap R/C plane for my birthday, took it out and hit a tree the first flight. It needs a wing and sits in my garage.
1999 B2500 5 Speed
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