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Default Re: paying off ranger!

Originally Posted by Ranger01 View Post
The bank does not like taking you to court. That is the last thing they want to do. Cost waaaaayyyyy too much money. Out of the 1000 repo orders i have seen only 3 went to court for a replevin warrant. One was a guy named willie nelson haha and it was a 2006 jag and a 2006 jeep cherokee srt8. The cars sell for hardly nothing at the auction so that is why they would rather work something out with you.
Well i don't know about small local banks, but i can tell you about the larger ones. They have dedicated lawyers that are paid to go to court, show the list of contracts that were not completed, and then they get their judgement. It's not a long process, a few minutes and you're done.

If anything, banks love to take you to court (well technically you won't show up in court, since it's an automatic judgement), because in the end, they don't lose, they save money on trying to collect you.

It's pointless to threaten a bank.
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