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Default Funky Smell

This just started a coupla days ago.Whenever I leave my truck locked up for 8 hours or so whanever I open the truck I get floored by the stench of cat urine.I drove to work yesterday with the windows down took about an hour at highway speeds.The smell was gone.When I got off work and opened the doors there was that same odor.I drove home and I poured two cups of diluted bleach down the vents by the wipers.I sprayed Fabreeze in all the vents and also eveywhere in the truck.Today when I went to get in the truck there was no cat urine smell,but when I got to work and locked it up for the 9 hours I came back and when I opened the truck I had to back up because of the cat urine smell.I drive with a co-worker and he smells the same thing.
I thought maybe a cat sprayed down the vents by the wipers I have seen cat paw marks on my hood before.But I thought the bleach would do the trick.I don't want to have air fresheners all over the inside of my truck.Any suggestions?
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