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Default Re: Engine miss.............

Ranger Local,
Since I could not break the nut loose of the EGR valve I decided I would change the fuel filter instead.
I read one of the post on here how to change the filter. It stated to remove the fuel pump fuse located in the engine compartment and then start up the unit and let it run until it stall out due to lack of gas and then let it set for 3 or so hours and the pressure on the system would be gone. Well, I did that but the problem is when I pulled the fuse the truck would not start.. Now what??? I put the fuse back in and the truck started up so I went out side and pulled the fuse and of course the truck stopped running. Now what do I do????????????? The truck has been setting since 10AM and now going on 1:30PM. Do I crawl under unit and change filter or do I wait a littlle longer. I sure as hell do not want to get all covered with fuel............. Is the pressure on the system gone now or what. Any suggestions.
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