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Default Re: Engine miss.............

Originally Posted by JMJ View Post
Rangerman49 and Ranger Local,

I will change the fuel filter, check to see if the EGR valve is operating OK and then try the plug wire test.
One of those three item should solve the probem. It just seems to do the "miss thing" only on the start up. The RPM also fluxes a little after the enging has warmed up and sitting at a light just a little.

The code for the engine check at Auto Zone was #3807, OEM number to cross was P0300.

But any way, thanks gentlemen for the advice and I will go from there. I will let you know what happens................ Thanks again..................JMJ

Code P0300 is: Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected.
Knowing the codes helps alot....
here's a video::
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