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Default Re: NEWS: Officer Punches Teen Girl

On his side all I can think is that he was attempting to be "gentle" to gain compliance...all that resulted was a struggle, time for someone else to get ticked off enough to try to obstruct what the officer was doing, and was dealt with.

Now myself in that situation and how we are trained. The second someone attempts to resist an arrest, they are imediately delt with by any force matching or slighty above the force resisting....what does this mean?

The girl he was attempting to cuff...would of had a nice arm bar take down, wristlock "slammed" onto the cruiser which is called a body stun...causes the "stars" to show which can make cuffing a hell of a lot easier...there are plenty of tools at an officers disposal, I would have to see how they train their officers in their defencive tactics it didn't appear he used any standard training done within the past 15-20 years....

We use films like this to show that if you're going to put the cuffs on someone, do it as quick as possible, no time for explaining, talking, dilly dally...get em on and then worry about explinaitons. If you have to apply a few head stuns, knee blitzes, or all out put on the ground then so be it....but when you decide it's time for cuffs..."it's on" reguardless of how you feel of the person being arrested......

oh well it's done, ofcourse the NAACP will say it was "wrong"...would love to see them out there enforcing the laws.....and how they handle combative situations
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