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Default Re: NEWS: Officer Punches Teen Girl

Well, on the other hand, you guys can monday morning quarterback this whole thing all you want. But I ask.... How many of YOU have been in a similar situation?
How many of you have tried to handcuff someone that doesn't want to be handcuffed? Especially solo?
I can honestly say, to a point, I have. I used to work less than a mile from there doing residential security work for low income housing (Projects basically) and it's tough to do. People don't listen to the cops in the area, let alone a guard. Most times the first thing that came out of their mouth was "You only talkin to me cuz I'm black!" or "Get your F&@%in hands off me cracker!!" things like that.

One day, my work partner and I broke up a fight in a building, and there must have been 20 people around. Here we are, trying to get this dude under control while keeping the other guy off him, and my buddie's on the phone with the cops. One of the guys in that large group must have been a leader or something, but he told us "You don't get the hell out of here, we're gonna beat your a$$". Well, not it's no longer about controlling the combatants. It's about saving my butt. My buddy relays this to 911 dispatcher, and I thought that getting our backs to the wall would be best. We got out the pepper, and this kept them at bay and shortly after, the police show up and everyone scatters.

I had a million and one thoughts go through my head about what we could do. We could have kept on the guys fighting, but, then it would have left us vulnerable. Instead, we let em go and went on the defensive. It's not like we didn't have descriptions. I could have started spraying, but, if my can had run out and I hadn't got them all, I'd be toast. Pepper Spray also tends to go all over, often getting me as well with backspray. That's also a bad thing when you've gota to keep en eye on everyone.

After this, the company I was working for went to having armed officers.

The cop deserves to be known as a kid-girl beater for even ticketing someone for jaywalking
No, he doesn't. He was doing his job. He'd just tcketed someone else (a male) for jaywalking, it would be discriminatory not to ticket these 2 girls for the same thing. Some things, sometimes, you can let go. But if you're already on something, like this Officer was, it serves no purpose for treating someone differently because it's girls, or because they're black, or because they watch Barney. If someone is going to enforce a law, it should be fairly enforced to all.

I bet she thinks twice about assaulting an officer again.
Unfortunately, I'd bet she won't. Many people in that area seem to think they should do whatever they wish and that Law Enforcement has no right to push consequenses. There's ALOT of "If I was white you'd have left me alone". Even to black Officers. "Uncle Toms" they call em, amongst many other things. These kids tend to hide behind the race card, and have no problem pulling it every single time the're caught being stupid. And... People like the NAACP are here to not only condone it, but promote it. I've NEVER seen them condemn someones actions if that person was black. It's considered just I guess, by the NAACP. If it had been reverse, nothing would have even made the news. Just another cracker getting what she deserved. Unfortunate, but true.
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