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Default Re: Official 2010 FRF Branson meet pics thread.

My pictures

Pretty much the whole time I was with Jerry (Jazz921) and then later with Jim (ropenrein)

Jerry had the idea to drive out onto the grass and get these pictures.

The meet pretty much went down hill after this. I pulled my truck up onto this pad took these pictures.

Then Jerry moved his truck up onto the pad for his picture. While his truck was there and mine was off to the side. I thought this picture would be pretty cool. I was standing up on his rear bumper.

Me standing up on Jerry's truck

Picture I took from the back of his truck

I stepped down and started to walk over to where he and my wife were. I stepped on a rock and rolled my ankle and it swelled up pretty bad. looked like a baseball was in there. Wife took pictures


Jerry then took me to where he got his picture last year. Was fun scaring my wife as I drove towards the 40+ foot drop off

I meet up with Jim Saturday afternoon went and had lunch with him and as we were leaving the restaurant we ran into Jerry out exploring by himself.

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