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Originally Posted by TurdFX4 View Post
Hand gun guru's I'm in need of assistance. I bought a used Smith and Wesson 908 a couple weeks ago. Today was the first chance I had to shoot because of how much of pain in the ass it is to get ammo... but thats a whole other topic in and of itself. But anyways, I put the first round into the chamber, shot it, it racked the next round in, but it never reset the trigger, like it fell backwards and never came back front when I released it.

So the only way I found to get the trigger to rest was to turn the safety back on and then the trigger came back. Turned the safety off again and fired the next round, same thing happened. I had to turn the safety back on and then off again to fire it.

Anybody have a clue what's going on here? My Ruger is a strike fire and doesn't have an actual hammer like the Smith does so I've never ran into this problem before.
Sounds like the spring that resets the trigger back to normal position. I would call it a trigger spring, but others may have different names for it. Either it is broken or fallen out of place. You'll have to replace it or reset it. I would bet that replacing it would be your best bet even if it had only fallen out of place.

(Source: USMC armorer for 4 years)
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