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Default ranger tailgate lock

so the story is i got rid of my tool box in the back of the bed and bought a new canopy (range rider- apex) and now im trying to find the best way to lock the tailgate. i know theres the pop n lock, but ive heard from guys you just pull hard enough and it breaks open. then theres the power lock one; ive heard good things about this one. can i install it by myself? pretty cheap to buy?

also just wondering if anyone a rigged something up themselves to secure there tailgate from the inside? i got this off of TRS some guy did this. anyone done something similar

"i removed the top outer torx bolt that holds the plastic tailgate liner on each side of the tailgate.. just the top outer one.. and replaced them with a stainless hook eye loop with machine thread that matches the torx bolt thread. then i took a loop of plastic coated cable and looped it around each factory tie down in the rear corners of the bed.
then i took a caribiner or small thumb hook latch and attached it to each cable.

when i want to secure my tailgate, i simply hook the latch/carabiner to the eye loops on the tailgate"
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