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Default Re: Off Road Go Kart

Sandrail might be fun, but if I decide to build a kart, I'm looking more into general off roading. Something that climbs some rocks, has no problem with a little mud, and can go places a full sized vehicle can't go. Horsepower wopuld be important, but speed itself isn't needed with them.

There are some others that look like go karts for around 2-12 grand depending on what you care to spend. Maybe I'll look into that.

2000 Ranger Etx cab XLT 4.0L Auto trans. Currently I've got my 60/40 cut down into buckets, and a cheap walmart console to fill the gap. Working on gathering parts, paint, vynals, and such for the rest of the build LOL. I use this as an everyday truck, but it's also the only truck I have for hunting and general off road fun. Hoping to make it much better than stock!
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