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Default Re: 2015 Ford F-100....?

I personally think, a shrunk down simplified f-150 "f-100" would be a hit. Stick to the basics of what makes a truck, a truck. However, offer models that include most if not all of today's amenities. Something that our old Ranger never attempted to do even remotely. A quick google search shows roughly 12,000 locations of the top 3 auto parts store suppliers. You sure don't see f-150's delivering parts now do you? That is just a small portion of the corporate vehicle pie that ford is missing out on by not making a smaller light duty truck. Instead I see foreign made and designed trucks delivering auto parts. Ford has some very very intelligent designers and engineers that work for them. Get back to the drawing board and figure out that magic formula that will get people interested in the small truck market again. Also figure out a way to keep those buying f-150's currently to keep doing so.
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